Challenges, What You Can Do

The Climate Crisis

There is no greater environmental challenge facing Utah Valley, Utah and the planet than the climate crisis. Here in Utah Valley the crisis manifests as increasing drought, the destruction and smoke from wildfires and increasingly warm temperatures.


We urge you to read and implement the Action Guide for an ailing planet. Take action and get involved. The future of the planet is at stake!

Take These Actions

Facing the worsening Climate Crisis, the UVEF has prepared an Action Guide for an ailing planet. In it we offer a host of actions to combat the crisis and help move Utah and the planet in a more healthy, sustainable direction before it’s too late.


We strongly urge you to read and implement the recommendations in the Action Guide for an ailing planet. Download and view the guide at Take action and get involved.

Switch To Clean Energy

The many harmful effects of the climate crisis are mostly caused by greenhouse gases (GHG) released from burning fossil fuels. The solution depends on how fast and effectively we can switch from fossil fuels to Clean Safe Renewable (CSR) sources of energy.


We urge you to lobby your Utah representatives for a carbon fee and dividend, and go solar for your home and vehicle. Check out our Solar Referral Program.

Air Quality

Air quality will improve when more effective action is taken by state and federal regulators to compel citizens, industry and government to greatly curtail their greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and their use of many other volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Switching to clean safe renewable (CSR) energy sources is the main key.


Lobby your Utah representatives for a carbon fee and dividend, and go solar for your home and vehicle. Check out our Solar Referral Program.

Water Use & Conservation

Utah and the West are experiencing severe drought. We are seeing our water supply diminish, even as our population and the demand for water increase. Farmers consume about 80% of Utah’s water yet rely on old methods of irrigating. Homeowners waste water sprinkling their lawns.


Urge authorities to prioritize water efficiency and conservation, and raise the price of water. Urge your community to prioritize xeriscaping and discourage thirsty grass lawns.

Land Use & Preservation

As our urban population swells pressure is put on farmland, open spaces and natural areas to be developed for housing, commercial buildings and roads. The result is low density urban sprawl and loss of farmland and natural areas.


Urge constructive action by your governmental representatives to protect un-developed areas. And to curtail population, if you parent, consider limiting your family size.

Get with the UVEF

There are several ways for you to connect with the UVEF. You can:

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  2. Become a member by emailing us at Calendar year dues are $10 regular and $5 for students and seniors 65 & over.
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Help Save Our Utah Lake

Private developers will attempt to “restore” Utah Lake in exchange for receiving title to private islands they would build in the middle of the lake. They hope to sell homes and buildings on these islands to house up to 500,000 people. Scientists say their “restoration” is impossible and would greatly harm the lake and its surroundings.


You can sign the petition to stop this harmful privatization of our natural public treasure and instead urge Utah government to provide for the helpful, not harmful, restoration of the lake.

Sign the Petition  >

Population & Growth

A growing population magnifies all environmental problems. There are way too many of us now on the planet (nearly 8 billion) to tolerate harmful environmental behaviors that damage both us and the entire planet. A decrease in population and consumption would reduce environmental stress at all levels.


You can think twice about parenting. If you choose to parent, teach children to be responsible stewards of the earth and its precious, limited resources. Urge your Utah representatives to greatly limit urban sprawl.

Contact Your Representatives

Email, call, text, visit your Utah State Representative and Senator. Let them know what you think about protecting environment and bettering our health in Utah Valley and beyond. And do the same with our Utah federal representatives. Join and support Utah’s environmental organizations. Contact your representatives  >

Join with Others

We all know,“there is strength in numbers.” Working together we can accomplish much more than if we are just a voice in the wilderness. There are many environmental organizations in Utah, nationally that you can join and or support financially. A list of many Utah and national organizations is in our Action Guide. Check it out. The future of the planet is at stake.

Volunteer to Help

The UVEF is a small all-volunteer organization, but we have a reach and impact far beyond our size. Visit here to view our record of accomplishments. If you’d like to help us help the environment in Utah Valley, Utah and beyond, please let us know with an email to Many thanks. We need your help.