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Founded in 2006, our mission is to help improve and protect the environment of Utah Valley and beyond for the betterment of all people and nature, for now and all future generations.

If you would like to help us help you and the environment, we invite you to contact us at Volunteer@UVEF.org.

We host free public educational forums at the Orem Library. Over the years we covered the full range of environmental topics.

Currently we live-stream our forums via Zoom on our Facebook page.

To be notified of upcoming zoom forums and events send us an email to EmailList@UVEF.org.

With the Covid Pandemic, we switched to doing periodic online forums, typically live-streamed on our Facebook page.

A future online zoom forum topic will be “Drought.” We expect to co-host the event with the Utah Rivers Council and the League of Women Voters. We'll let you know when if you sign up via EmailList@UVEF.org.

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The UVEF utilizes our email list of about 950 people to share information about environmental issues affecting Utah Valley, Utah and the planet. You can join the list by sending an email to EmailList@UVEF.org. You can follow us on our Facebook page, our Twitter account and post your own questions and concerns at the Utah Valley Green Facebook page.

Rooftop Solar Program

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We offer a Solar Referral Program referring potential customers to two or three select, well-qualified solar providers who offer very competitively priced rooftop solar installations in Utah Valley. We do a detailed analytical comparison of solar providers so you will benefit from our analysis.

For details, contact us at

Solar@UVEF.org >


Facing the worsening Climate Crisis, the UVEF has prepared an Action Guide for an Ailing Planet. In it we offer a host of actions to combat the crisis and help move Utah and the planet in a more healthy, sustainable direction— hopefully before it’s too late.

Action Guide >

From our annual Environmental Survey of 22 Utah Valley Cities and Towns, and clean air rallies ... to our Action Guide for an Ailing Planet and Rooftop Solar Program—and even art performances (above, at BYU) ... the UVEF has a long history of helping the environment in Utah Valley and beyond.  

Our Record >

Recognizing Achievement

Science Fair Awards

Tree Planting & Clean-Ups

The UVEF identifies individuals, businesses, organizations and communities that make exceptional contributions to environmental stewardship or sustainability. In such cases we present the UVEF Earth Stewardship Award.

The UVEF has done judging of Valley school science fairs recognizing student science projects that represent exceptional environmental research and that show promise for students’ future achievement in the field of environmental science.

The UVEF arranges for tree plantings and environmental clean-up of various areas. In the case pictured above, we made possible a tree planting with Provo City where Native American young people did much of the planting.


This year marks the ninth annual UVEF Environmental Survey of 22 Utah Valley Cities and Towns. The survey informs the public what communities are doing to help the environment, helps educate and inspire communities to do more,  and recognizes exceptional environmental achievement. The 2021 Survey is in process. View the 2020 Survey.

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Responding to a current threat to Utah Lake posed by developers, we co-hosted an emergency Utah Lake Symposium at UVU in conjunction with BYU and others. To help endangered Utah Lake, please sign this Utah Lake petition. We also co-hosted two UVU/UVEF Clean Air Clean Energy Conferences at UVU. We sponsored two Clean Air, Clean Energy Rallies in Provo.