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Since our formation in 2006 we have conducted roughly 150 educational forum, mostly at the Provo and Orem Public Libraries. But since the Covid Pandemic, we’re now doing live-streamed forums via Zoom at our Facebook page.

See our Facebook events page for details on past and future forums.

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Bears Ears Forum Reached 10,000

The UVEF conducts numerous educational forums each year including a recent packed-house event on a highly contentious federal land bill that would permanently and greatly downsize Bears Ears National Monument (BENM)— federal land held in trust for ALL Americans and considered sacred by five sovereign Native Tribes. The bill would give increased local control of federal land to the state and some local individuals, but not to the Tribes. All five Tribes strongly oppose downsizing BENM, as does the UVEF. Our live-streamed Q&A of the forum reached over 10,000 people. You can take action to help BENM and the 5 Tribes at these two web sites (SUWA and UDB). You can take action to help Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument at this website.

Protecting and Rejuvenating Utah Lake

Our May public forum focused on the proposed private-developer “restoration” of Utah Lake linked to the subsequent construction of nearly 20,000 acres of privately owned island communities for up to a half million people (2.5 times the current size of Salt Lake City) to be built in the middle and around Utah Lake. The proposal includes killing all life in the lake and most of the non-native plant life along its shoreline before hopefully reintroducing native species. The proposal includes building multiple causeways across the lake opening up the West Side of the Lake to rapid development. To view the developer’s lengthy brochure-like proposal click here. To view some of the objections to the proposal click these two links, here and here.

A UVEF team of experts is analyzing the proposal. We are looking at alternatives and work diligently

to ensure the Lake is treated in a manner that will respect, protect and improve its well being as a valuable public trust. Please email us with your Lake-related questions or comments at UtahLake@UVEF.org. The developer has agreed to a followup forum with a different format sometime

in the future. The new format will allow the developer and those who question the proposal more time to present their respective cases. Join our email list to hear when the new forum will take place.

Water Use & Lake Powell Pipeline

We're supporting a future forum in Salt Lake City that will focus on water use and critical water issues in Utah, including the proposed Lake Powell pipeline to promote growth and profits for developers in St. George and Washington County, and which has and will cost many millions and further drain the already diminishing Colorado River.

Environmental Stewardship Survey

Prudent, responsible stewardship of the environment is not only good for our health and quality of life—it’s also good for our economy. People prefer to live, raise families, recreate and do business in clean, healthy communities while avoiding those which are not. So how  do we know which Utah Valley communities are doing what to make our families, our citizens and our valley healthier and more livable?

To fill this need, the Utah Valley Earth Forum (UVEF.org), the valley’s independent, citizen, environmental organization since 2006, offers the 2019 Environmental Stewardship Survey (ESS) of all twenty-four Utah Valley cities and towns.

Billboard Campaign

At times we run

a billboard campaign on numerous billboards in Utah and Salt Lake counties. Subjects include the need for clean energy and clean air, plus the need to help Utah Lake without selling large parts of it to private developers.

Clean Air Clean Energy Rally

We conducted the first-ever “Clean Air Clean Energy” rally in Utah Valley (Courthouse Square in Provo). It featured numerous distinguished speakers and a musical performance.

Urging Utilities to Switch to Solar & Encourage Solar Use by Customers

We met with the Utah Municipal Power Agency (UMPA), serving Provo, Spanish Fork and others, to encourage them to move away from an environmentally harmful, costly, health-damaging reliance on fossil fuels—and toward switching to solar farms that produce helpful, clean, safe, renewable energy. We urge all utilities, including Rocky Mountain Power, to NOT charge a “base fee” that penalizes rather than credits and encourages residential solar users for helping to clean the air, save the utility money on operating the grid, on cleaning up polluting fossil fuel plants and on reducing the utility’s cost of meeting the increasing demand for energy.

UVEF Solar Referral Program

Have you been thinking about going solar but are concerned that it’s too expensive or too complicated because there are so many solar companies out there each wanting your business? To help out, the Utah Valley Earth Forum has developed a novel approach to this dilemma. We invited a large number of solar companies in this part of Utah to bid on the identical typical residential rooftop solar installation. We carefully analyzed these bids and looked at the company’s track record. As a result, we are in a good position to help steer you in a good direction by referring you to two or three solar companies that meet our criteria: a quality installation with quality equipment both for a very low, very competitive price. Contact us for details.


We've created stickers that promote clean energy, clean air and making America green again. Contact us for your stickers and signs.

Tabling at Provo Farmers Market

We've "tabled" at the Provo Farmer's Market to tell people about the UVEF and provide information about what we can all can do to improve and protect the environment and our health.

Guide to Better Personal Stewardship

We put together a short but action-packed guide to what we citizens can do and what needs to be done to significantly improve the environment and our health, both locally and globally. Download the guide.

New PowerPoint Presentation

We've developed a new PowerPoint educational presentation on how to protect the environment. It's available for classrooms, meetings, events, clubs, groups, senior centers, etc. Contact us for details.

To be more effective helping to improve your health and the health of the air, water and land, we rely on the support of people such as you. Please consider making a modest monthly donation to the UVEF. Thank you.

Student Environmental Essay Competition

The UVEF is planning to sponsor an essay competition among Utah Valley High School students on one or more topics that relate to good environmental stewardship.

Recognizing Student Science Projects

The UVEF plans to encourage environmental awareness and good stewardship among youth by recognizing achievement in environmental science projects at different levels, both locally and statewide.

Environmental Meet the Candidates Event

The UVEF has invited 12 congressional candidate seeking to represent Utah Valley in the November election to a special upcoming forum to tell us what they will do specifically to address important environmental and health problems facing Utah—including air pollution, wildfires, the climate crisis, energy and the use of public land and water.

No Republican accepted our invitation. One Democrat also declined. Pictured below are the candidates who did participate.

You can download what 6 candidates said in answer to our 10 environmental questions.

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