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Climate Change: Fact or Fiction?

An Interview with a Christian Climate Scientist

Provo/Orem Area (Utah Valley) Air Quality

Ranked Dirtiest in America

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We won’t have lasting clean air and a healthy planet without switching from polluting coal and oil to clean, safe renewable energy to power our vehicles, homes and our lives. Our state government has the power to really clean the air. The quickest and best way to clean our air is to elect a “clean air/clean energy” legislature and executive. Until that happens, insufficient progress will be made.

The UVEF Clean Air Billboard Messaging Campaign Continues in SL and UT Counties

At times, the U.S. EPA reports Utah Valley’s air is the worst in the entire nation! Having very bad air pollution damages us and our families, shortens our lives, makes us sick, costs us money, hurts business, damages our reputation and our economy. It blocks our view of the beautiful nature that surrounds us. We must stop polluting the air! How? Most importantly (1) we need to elect only leaders who “get it” and will take the necessary actions to make it happen, with no excuses. And (2) we must switch from dirty fossil fuel energy to clean energy such as the sun and wind, and make sure our wastes get fully recycled. Click to see our suggested solutions.

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Who Needs Science Anymore?

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Responsible Stewardship

When it comes to being truly responsible stewards of Creation—the air, water

and land, the environment, the planet—virtually no one in our culture behaves completely as we should. Directly or indirectly, we all pollute, generate waste and harm natural resources. But we should and must become much better, more responsible stewards if we are to diminish both the damage we are doing to Creation and, in the process, the harm we inflict on others, ourselves and the planet.

The UVEF has prepared a downloadable, simplified, straightforward guide for responsible personal stewardship of Creation, the environment, the planet.

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Our recent public forum focused on the proposed private-developer “restoration” of Utah Lake linked to the subsequent construction of nearly 20,000 acres of privately-owned island communities for up to a half million people (2.5 times the current size of Salt Lake City) to be built in the middle and around Utah Lake. The proposal includes killing all life in the lake and most of the non-native plant life along its shoreline before “reintroducing” native species. The proposal includes building multiple causeways across the lake opening up the west side of the Lake to rapid development. To view the developer’s lengthy brochure-like proposal click here. To view some of the objections to the proposal click these two links, here and here.

A UVEF team of experts is analyzing the proposal. We are looking at alternatives and are working to ensure the Lake is treated in a manner that will respect, protect and improve its well being as a valuable public trust. Please email us with your Lake-related questions or comments at

Private Island Cities in Utah Lake?

Utah County gets an F again for ozone. Salt Lake/Utah County rated 8th worst metro area in the nation for short term particle air pollution.

Source: the American Lung Association’s 2018 ranking.


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The Utah Valley Earth Forum’s 2019

Environmental Stewardship Survey

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