INTRODUCTION:  Prudent stewardship of the environment is not only good for our health and quality of life — it’s good for our economy as well. People prefer to live, raise families, recreate and do business in clean, healthy communities and surroundings while avoiding those which are not. So how do we know which Utah Valley communities are doing what to make our families, our citizens and our valley healthier and more livable? To fill this need, the Utah Valley Earth Forum (, the valley’s independent, citizen, environmental organization since 2006, offers the 2017 “Environmental Stewardship Survey” (ESS) of all twenty-four Utah Valley cities and towns. We conduct this survey yearly to help improve stewardship of the environment.

The ESS, as a regional environmental survey, appears to be unique in the US. Now in its fifth year, the Survey serves a variety of purposes. It helps identify each city’s current environmental efforts, informs the public and offers motivation and constructive suggestions to improve responsible care for our common home — the air, our rivers, Utah Lake, our open spaces and cityscapes; in short, creation — our life support system.

This year, communities representing well over 70% of the valley’s population responded. Naturally, not all suggested actions and policies apply to all communities. We thank all participating cities and congratulate them for helping improve the environment. While we must continue to think globally, it is in local, helpful, healthful actions that we see some of the most concrete signs of progress being made as stewards of the places we live—as responsible stewards of creation.

KEY:  The illustrations below report the responses of participating municipalities. Checks indicate policies or practices which the cities affirm are currently in effect. Stars signify items the UVEF thinks are especially helpful to the environment. Diamonds indicate that the community provided additional "free response" information which can be accessed by clicking on the corresponding city's name in the "City Views" graphic below.

The 2017 Environmental Stewardship Survey

of Utah Valley Communities

City Views & Overview


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City Views

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Overview of Responding Municipalities