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In January, the Utah Valley Earth Forum delivered its 2016 Stewardship Appreciation Survey to all 24 cities and towns in Utah Valley. The survey, which we take annually, asks cities to share what environmental initiatives and policies they have in place to enhance the quality of life and economic health of our local communities. This year, communities representing almost 90% of the valley’s population (up from about 70% last year) have responded, some directly to a prepared checklist, and some adding a their own statement. Of course, not all of our suggestions apply to all communities, but many have broad appeal to those seeking to make the places we live cleaner, healthier, and more beautiful. The chart below reports the responses of all participating municipalities. STARS indicate items we think are especially important. GREEN boxes signify the policies or practices cities affirm are currently in effect. An ASTERISK (*) signals that the community has provided additional information, which can be accessed by clicking on the the city links to the right. The city links also provide a “closeup” of each participating city. We thank all those cities which have responded and congratulate them for taking and implementing these initiatives. While we must continue to think globally, it is in local action that we will see some of the most concrete progress in showing ourselves to be better stewards of the places we live.

The 2016 Stewardship Appreciation Survey

of Utah Valley Communities


Utah Valley Communities

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