1. In the past year we have completed a few projects of note and are currently working on other significant ones.

  1. The City of Orem adopted the State Street Master Plan as part of the City’s General Plan. The master plan is a vision document that includes increased density at specific “nodes” at the major intersections of a five-mile long corridor through the heart of the city. Each node includes uses such as residential, and/or office, and/or retail. The goal of the document is to protect existing single family neighborhoods while accommodating projected future residential growth. This will be done by creating walkable developments along an existing transportation corridor that is projected to include mass transit in the future. By putting this plan in place, Orem can work with other government organizations to pursue mass transit projects and funding options. Other portions of the plan include a vision for an improved road network that will allow for improved connectivity and walkability, pocket parks and green space, and separated walking paths along the street to encourage increased pedestrian use.

  1. The city is in the process of finalizing details with Siemens to implement energy saving improvements determined by an energy audit. This includes replacing Orem’s streetlight bulbs with LED bulbs, upgrading the city buildings with better HVAC systems, interior light upgrades, and other energy saving measures. The cost of the project is in the realm of $6.7 million.

  1. IHC and Orem partnered to create a community garden near the Orem Community Hospital.

  1. A budget proposal was submitted to install Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at City Hall. We will learn if the proposal was approved in the next few months.

  1. Glass recycling is now available at Orem Public Works.

  1. We are in the process of creating the Orem Natural Resources Stewardship Committee. A resolution has been drafted that contains the goals and duties of the committee. It will need to go before the city council for final approval.

  1. Orem is a participating member of the Utah Valley Clean Air Task Force.

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