Symposium & Petition to Save Utah Lake

Private developers are proceeding with an effort to attempt to “restore” Utah Lake in exchange for being given title to large private islands they would build in the middle of the lake. They hope to sell homes and buildings on these islands to house up to 500,000 people. Scientists say their “restoration” is impossible and would greatly harm the lake and its environment.


Because the public and lawmakers need to know the full story on the lake and the likely impact of what is being proposed, a group of scientists at BYU and UVU assembled and conducted an emergency Utah Lake Symposium on August 4th at UVU. The UVEF was one of the key sponsors of the event.

Sign the petition to stop the harmful privatization of a large part of Utah Lake, a natural public treasure, and instead urge Utah government to provide for the helpful—not harmful—restoration of the lake without selling large parts of the lake to a private developer.

Upcoming Forum on Drought

Because Utah and so much of the West are experiencing severe drought we frankly are seeing our water supply diminish, even as our population and the demand for water increases. The UVEF will be teaming up with the Utah Rivers Council and the League of Women Voters in September to present an online public forum on drought, and a number of water-related issues.


You can send us your request to join our email list at and we will notify you of when the drought forum will occur.


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