1. Promoting alternative transportation through adoption of Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.

  1. Tree Care Ordinance in place as trees are recognized as a valid asset to provide a more healthful and beautiful environment in which to live, providing oxygen, shade, aesthetics, and a priceless psychological counterpoint to the urban setting.

  1. Wind Energy Conversion System ordinance recognizing increased demand for alternative energy generating systems and the need for more inexpensive power and self reliance that wind energy conversion systems may provide.

  1. Hillside Protection District to minimize soil and slope instability, erosion, downstream siltation, and to preserve the character of the hillsides and to encourage preservation of open space to preserve the natural terrain.

  1. Utah Lake Shoreline Protection Overlay Zone that protects the shoreline of Utah Lake, protects natural and cultural resources and features adjacent to the lake, provides for and protects public ownership and access to the lake, provides a corridor for a non-motorized trail around Utah Lake, and preserves and improves the use and water quality of Utah Lake.

  1. Commercial Farm Zone promoting and preserving agricultural production, agricultural open space, and allowing associated commercial activities which could be used as additional revenue sources to help sustain and support agricultural industry within the City.

  1. Multiple Use District Zone provides open space and generally undeveloped lands where human habitation and activity would be limited in order to protect land resources.

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