1. We have been working on some exciting new projects recently which I [the Mayor] am excited to share with you. Eagle Mountain is leading the way in water conservation. We hope to be a catalyst for change in the way municipalities approach water management in the State of Utah this year. We are well under way in creating a guiding document on water conservation and management known as the Eagle Mountain Water Sustainability Plan. The vision is use our water resource in such a way that efficiency becomes strategic and transformative. We will place our focus on the water cycle and our place in the cycle as we use water resources to promote healthy land, healthy people, and healthy lives. We have identified both short range and long range goals for changing our water management. We will be investing several million dollars in the coming years to rehab inefficient landscapes and irrigation systems along with building brand new green infrastructure and landscaping. We are working with USU Extension to collect meaningful data on our efforts and their effectiveness at conserving water. We hope that through this collection of data, we will be able to clearly demonstrate for other municipalities and the State what is possible in transforming water management standards. Through sound stewardship of our native and natural habitats, we can secure our own unique place identities, save water, and elevate the quality of life for our residents.

  1. One other project which I [the Mayor] am very proud of is a private public partnership to preserve raptor habitat in Eagle Mountain. Through the efforts of our residents, Rocky Mountain Power, Eagle Mountain City, Hawk Watch International, and other sponsors, we have placed over a dozen American Kestrel nest boxes throughout the community. We have also secured the equipment needed to control voles and other burrowing species in our parks through mechanical means in order to prevent inadvertent raptor poisoning. We are in the planning stages for locating purpose built nesting platforms and perches for larger raptors such as Golden Eagles and many migratory hawk and owl species. 

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