Our actions that promote a healthy environment.


Partial List of UVEF Actions Promoting Sustainability and a Healthy Environment

The precursor of the UVEF was formed in 2006 to promote good stewardship and improve the environment here in Utah Valley. The following is a partial list of what the UVEF does and has done:

  1. 1.Public Forums: We hosted free, bi-monthly public educational forums at the Orem Public Library, but now we live-stream our monthly forums via Zoom on our Facebook page (see our Facebook EVENTS page for specific forum details).

  1. 2.Environmental Stewardship Survey: We conduct the annual "Environmental Stewardship Survey" of all 22 communities in greater Utah Valley to help educate, encourage, commend and publicize their efforts that reflect good stewardship. Visit our Environmental Stewardship page for details.

  1. 3.Action Guide for and Ailing Planet: We offer to the public our Action Guide to help the public and our leaders be better, more responsible stewards of Mother Earth, the environment, our common home. This is especially important as the planet faces the existential threat of the carbon-emissions climate crisis. The guide is available to download at Guide.UVEF.org.

  1. 4.Rooftop Solar: We have a Solar Referral Program referring potential customers to two to three select well-qualified solar providers who offer very competitively priced rooftop solar installations in Utah Valley. We do the detailed analytical comparison of many solar providers and you benefit from our analysis. Contact us at Solar@UVEF.org for details and our recommendations.

  1. 5.Clean Air Rally: We conducted the “first ever in Utah County” "Clean Air, Clean Energy" rally. The rally featured 8 "top tier" speakers including representatives from the Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment, HEAL Utah, Utah Moms for Clean Air, Citizens Climate Lobby, BYU, Ski Utah and PANDOS. We also hosted the Youth for Climate Justice Rally in Provo.

  1. 6.Clean Air Conferences: We co-hosted two UVU/UVEF Clean Air Clean Energy Conferences at UVU.

  1. 7.Collaborations: We coordinate with sister environmental organizations headquartered in Salt Lake City to promote responsible stewardship of the environment, including the “Clean Air No Excuses” rallies at the state capitol.

  1. 8.Educational PowerPoint Presentation: We have developed an educational presentation for schools, clubs, groups, etc. promoting sustainability and responsible environmental stewardship.

  1. 9.Saved Wetlands: We helped defeat the proposed MountainView Corridor highway through the wetlands in Lehi.

  1. 10.Stopped the Bridge: We helped the effort to stop the proposed toll bridge across Utah Lake.

  1. 11.Environmental Meet the Candidates: We conduct the only environmental meet the candidates events in Utah Valley.

  1. 12.Saved Rock and Slate Canyons: We helped save these beautiful canyons in Utah Valley from proposed damaging development.

  1. 13.Public Input: We testify and provide public input on numerous proposed activities adversely affecting the environment.

  1. 14.Web Site, Emailings, Social Media: We maintain a UVEF website, active email list, Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter account, continually updating all with postings promoting good stewardship in Utah Valley and beyond.

  1. 15.Governmental Input: We helped Provo City’s decision to appoint a Sustainability Advisor to the Mayor and Orem City’s decision to establish a Natural Resources Stewardship Committee.

  1. 16.Speaker Sponsorship: We co-sponsored the appearance of the world-renown climatologist, Dr. James Hansen at UVU.

  1. 17.Science Fair Awards: We present awards to area students who author outstanding environmental science projects

  1. 18.Environmental Essay Prize: We are planning to offer a student essay prize to encourage responsible stewardship among our youth.

  1. 19.Earth Stewardship Awards: We recognize outstanding efforts to help the environment in Utah and Utah Valley by awarding UVEF Earth Stewardship Awards to individuals, organizations, businesses and institutions.

  1. 20.Event Sponsorship: We sponsored a special medical science and dance arts event at BYU in cooperation with the Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment and the Repertory Dance Theater company of SLC.

  1. 21.Promote Conservation: We helped Provo City promote its programs and actions to conserve energy.

  1. 22.Improved Efficiency: We helped move the Provo School District to upgrade the efficiency of their school bus fleet and reduce unnecessary idling.

  1. 23.Tree Planting: We organized and conducted a tree-planting in Provo staffed by Native American young people.

  1. 24.Opt-Out Recycling: We helped get Provo City Council to pass an opt-out program of citywide recycling.

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