Founded in 2006, the Utah Valley Earth Forum is Utah Valley’s premier independent, citizen environmental organization working for good stewardship and a healthy environment for all. We are local, all-volunteer and non-profit.

Who We Are

We’re people who like to help    make Utah Valley and the planet a healthier, better, sustainable, more just and equitable place to live.

What We Do (our mission)

We work with all interested parties—citizens, organizations, businesses, industry, schools, universities, government and others—to promote clean air, clean safe energy, conservation of nature, a healthy watershed, smart development and  an environmentally healthy, just, equitable and sustainable Utah and planet.


We hosted free, public, educational forums at the Orem and Provo Public Libraries, but with the Pandemic, we live-stream forums by Zoom on our Facebook page (see our Facebook EVENTS page for specific forum details).

Stewardship Survey

We conduct the annual UVEF “Environmental Stewardship Survey” of all 22 communities in greater Utah Valley to help educate, inform, encourage and publish what Utah Valley communities are doing to reflect good stewardship of the environment and make Utah Valley and the planet a better, healthier place to live.

Action Guide, and other efforts

We created and make available   our "Action Guide for an ailing planet" which gives the public and political leaders much of what is

needed for us to improve our stewardship of the planet and prevent us from destroying our habitat and that of the majority  of species on earth. Click HERE  to see our other Actions.


We sponsor special events that foster good stewardship. Examples include the “Utah Clean Air Conference,” the “Clean Air, Clean Energy Forum,” both at and co-sponsored by UVU, and the first-ever-in-Utah-Valley "Clean Air, Clean Energy Rally" plus the Youth Climate Protest Rally, both in downtown Provo. Also we host various “Environmental Meet the Candidates” events in Utah Valley.

Recognize Achievement

We honor outstanding contributions to environmental stewardship and excellence on the part of citizens, students, businesses and governments both in Utah Valley and statewide.


We have a web site, Facebook page and email list of UVEF members and friends who wish to be kept informed of developments affecting environmental health and well being.

Join Us / Donate

To join us and/or our email list, please email us at info@UVEF.org. Membership dues are only $10 per calendar year for adults and $5 for students and seniors. To support our work please visit UVEF.org and click on the “donate” button.

Thank you.

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